The Friends are St. Paul’s sister non-profit organization led by a community-based Board of Directors of many faiths. The Friends are charged with preserving our historic site and presenting secular community events, concerts, and educational exhibits. Members help organize and present these events and educate our community about its history. Members are also invited to special events and have privileged seating at our concerts.


The Friends’ goals are: 

  • To help maintain and preserve St. Paul’s historic site for our community and for the nation. 
  • To celebrate our area’s history, to tell its multicultural stories, and to thereby build community by educating residents and visitors of all ages about its local and national significance and contemporary relevance, making use of Public History best practices and techniques. 
  • To creatively ensure that St. Paul’s continues to be a valued community resource, by producing and hosting high quality, professionally produced educational, cultural and artistic events, and concerts in St. Paul’s beautiful open-plan sanctuary. 


Becoming A Member

To become a Member of the Friends of St. Paul’s, please contact

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